Wednesday, February 25, 2009

#43 & 44 -- Rick Wise & "In Action"

Rick Wise

When you talk about good hitting pitchers, Rick Wise is one that comes up. He’s the only person to ever hit 2 homers while pitching a no-hitter. Not much drama about who the star of the game was that night, but he wouldn’t have predicted a great game as he said he was weak from just getting over the flu. We should all be so sick. It should have been his second no-hitter. He lost his first on what he says was a poor scoring decision. Jeff Torborg was credited with an infield hit on a roller to short that the shortstop bobbled.

Otherwise, he was a league average pitcher. He was a 19 game winner for the Red Sox team that went to the 1975 World Series and had a ringside seat for Fisk’s game winning homer. Unfortunately for Rick, he's always going to be best remembered in Missouri for going 17-17 in 1972 instead of 27-10. When the Cardinal brass got sick of Steve Carlton, the Phils gave up Rick to get him. Not Rick's fault, but he was given shoes too big to fill.

There are identifiable guys in the background. From Baseball Almanac's roster page that shows numbers from 1971, I can tell that the guy on the left (#37) is Billy Wilson. The guy on the right is a minor leaguer (doesn't look old enough to be a coach), because the Phils didn't have any numbers in the 50's on their active roster. The guy in the middle is a future Hall of Famer that looks like is receiving a wedgie from Wilson. My hint is that he could slap a contempt citation on Wilson for that disrespecful act now. That pitcher is Senator Jim Bunning.

The "action" card is pretty good, given what we've seen so far. It was taken on a sunny day in Candlestick, and there's a pretty full house. Of course the Giants won the West in 1971. Rick pitched there twice. He got beat 6-0 on August 18, but that was a Wednesday with an attendance of only 10,000, so I don't that that was the game. I'm going for the first game of a June 6 doubleheader where Rick threw a 3 hit shutout with 9 K's to win 1-0. It's good to see the subject of the "action" card also be a good day for the ballplayer.


  1. I just wanted to say I love this blog and look forward to it every day. I like the Wise cards here cause you get a good look at those big 'ol numbers the Phils had on their jerseys at the time. Sweet.

  2. I was going to comment on those jersey numbers until I saw the last comment. I was thinking that the picture might have been airbrushed or something until I read JW's comment.
    But, I do love this blog. I don't read it as much as I should. But, that will change tomorrow when I add it to my blogroll. I can't wait to see what other cards you have autographed from this set. I know that I only have one.