Friday, March 27, 2009

#82 -- Ron Woods

I don't know much about Ron except that I seemed to get a lot of his cards and I was glad he didn't play for my team. I don't know what I had against Ron, but I think he just didn't look like he was confident and in control. While it's almost a "night card" it also looks like he's gazing longingly at Gene Mauch, "Put me in, skip. I'll hit it."

When I did research about Ron, I didn't find much. Many of the "hits" had to do with him being traded from the Yankees for Ron Swoboda. OK. Swoboda was at the end of his career. Many of the rest of the items I found were Yankee fans bemoaning the bad teams of the late 60's and early 70's and Ron playing centerfield was one of their arguments. He played center about half-time for a year and a half and hit .205. I feel your pain.

Playing in Montreal from 1971-1974 was the best time of Ron's career. He wasn't bad in 1971-72 and his OPS+ was actually above 100. He had his most at bats against Steve Carlton and even hit .302 against him.

There's not much else that really stands out about Ron, so he can now fade back into obscurity.....
Speaking of sinking into obscurity..... RIP 2009 Duke Blue Devils. Better luck next year.


  1. Yeah and there goes my bracket too...

  2. Ron was actually my high school history teacher in Hanford, California back in 1996. He may not have been the best ball player, but he's a great guy. I actually caught a show that had mentioned those rough years for the Yankees, and it got me thinking and googling. That brought me here. Great set of Blogs! Keep it up!