Monday, March 16, 2009

NCAA Tournament Invades Baseball Card Blogs

I can't help it. I went to school at Duke. It's been transplanted into my very being, although Duke sucks at about every other athletic endeavor except basketball.

We've been paired with Binghamton in the tournament, which I understand is the former SUNY-Binghamton. Normally, I would write bad things about Binghamton because it is the ancestral home of former North Carolina point guard King Rice (I know. Nobody out there remembers King Rice from the early 1990's or even cares).

However, I've learned that 2 of my favorite blogs have ties to Binghamton, NY. So as not to insult the Night Owl and Easy Life Steve, I've learned there's more to Binghamton than being the home of a Tar Heel.

Now that doesn't mean I'm rooting for Binghamton or anything, but I'll at least cut out the vitriol and hatred until the second round. Then, unless I learn of a reason not to, I'll be able to pick on either the Texas Longhorns or the Minnesota Gophers (I'm hoping Minnesota wins!)


  1. You also might be interested to know that Binghamton University used to go by the name of Harpur College back when I was a kid. It certainly wasn't equipped to host a DI basketball team then (I don't even know it is now).

    No need to worry. Binghamton isn't a threat to Duke.

  2. Yeah, and Hampton, Princeton and several others weren't threats either......