Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New 1972 Cards!!

There are new 1972 cards being produced!! There's a link in the comments section of the Cleo James card to a new blog featuring great photoshops of current players on 1972 designs. The site is 1972 Topps Redone.

He's taken some current player pictures and put them into the 1972 format. So far we've got Yadier Molina in get-up that Gerry Cheever (1972 Boston Bruin goalie) would have laughed at...without a mask on. Joe Torre is signing a baseball for a fan (without the mutton chops you'll see here along about card #500). Tim Lincecum is taken out of a game (looks about as happy as a 1972 starter was to leave a game). Finally, Johan Santana, in a Spring Training shot that reminds me of a Sports Illustrated cover.

I'll be looking forward to more of these and adding this blog to my list on the right for easy access.

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