Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Single Digits

I've been working on collecting this set off and on (more off than on) for the last 37 years. I put bids on the last 12 cards I needed on an ebay set break and got 4 of them tonight. I was fortunate and found a seller that charged $2.75 shipping for the first card and free on all other cards, which made it affordable.

I got those for cards for under $20 with shipping. One was a semi-high, but the other three were from the high series. I think I got a pretty good deal.

Anyway, thanks to both of you for indulging me in reading through this post with no information, no pictures and all about me. Rich Reese, Bobby Murcer, Rick Monday and some Twins Rookies: you're mine. Paul Blair, Walter Alston, Rookie Pitchers, Rookie 1Bmen, Jerry Koosman, Bobby Bonds, Jack Aker and Jim Rooker.....you're in the crosshairs. I'm a little surprised that now I'm under 10 to go that I know them all. I'm not sure I need a checklist anymore. Hopefully I'll find them all by the time I get to #660.


  1. I have the Aker card. I'm not crazy about giving it up, since I'm collecting the set, too. But I'm sure I'd trade it for a key '71 card or something of Dodger vintageness.

  2. This is my favorite set. I enjoy reading your posts daily.

    I no longer collect (thankfully), but I did complete this set back in the 1980s. It helped that I had most of it from my childhood. My first completed set was 1973, which I did as a child. :)

  3. I still remember completing my 1972 set. The last one I got was either Jim Kaat or Jim Kaat in action. I had needed it for a while and then a friend found one with someone else and traded for it so he could give it to me. These stories are not boring. Keep telling us the details of your search.