Friday, February 6, 2009

#24 -- Ted Ford

Ted Ford

Imagine being a Cardinal fan (like I am) and hearing that prospects Colby Rasmus and Bryan Anderson are going to be in Iraq. Indian fans find out Matt LaPorta is being deployed as are David Price of the Rays, etc. It wasn't until more recently that the story of Pat Tillman of the Arizona Cardinals became unusual. Athletes don't serve in the military any longer. Ted Williams did. Twice. Ted Ford not only served our country in Vietnam, he was in a troop that saw real action (according to B-R Bullpen). It sounds like it wasn't one of those assignments where he was the captain of the Army baseball team. Tip of the hat, Ted.

This is another of the large number of Yankee Stadium photos, as seen by the fa├žade in the outfield foul area down the left field line. I also like Ted’s pose with the bat as if he’s swinging and he’s got his eye on the imaginary ball getting ready to rocket off his bat. 1972 was the only year Ted didn’t play for the Indians. The Rangers gave up Roy Foster and Tommy McCraw to get Ted. Ted had the best year of his career, hitting 14 homers. But he only hit .235, so the Rangers sent him back to Cleveland, where he didn’t play much.

I also got interested about the note on the back of his card about brother Lambert Ford (sounds like a car dealership). Lambert was a 1st round pick of the Indians in 1968, but didn't sign. He eventually was drafted and signed with the Astros. He didn't make the big leagues, but was described in a book about a Williamsport minor league team he was on as a speedy centerfielder. It looked like he was also taken to play in the Mexican League at Jalisco.

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