Saturday, July 11, 2009

One Good Turn.....

My wife needed a long weekend, so we're in Kansas City shopping. Just for fun I check Beckett's show calendar and there's a mall show in K.C. It is not the mall she likes to hit, but she's a good sport. Hopefully I'll find some high numbers and other assorted goodies.

Mixed bag of success for me. I found no 1972 cards to finish off this set. I did, however, find a few 57 and 58's in a dollar box that will work for TTM autographs (e.g., Virgil Trucks, John O'Brien, et. al.). My big haul was to eliminate about 70 of the cards on my 1970 want list. I'm up to 61% complete, which is very misleading because I still need a lot of the high dollar cards on that set.

I did save some money. One seller had just bought a complete 1956 set and a 1957 set missing only 5 cards. He priced the '57 to me at $2000 and I passed it up. I told my wife we saved $2000 and she was incredibly impressed with me. I think she'll be getting a nice dinner tomorrow night to show my appreciation for her patience while I dug through old ball cards.


  1. Love the blog. Would you like to exchange links? I run a sports card and memorabilia news site called The Cardboard Connection. If you are interested in trading links, please email me through the email link in my profile.



  2. Really love your blog. I'm from K.C. and started collecting when I was a tike -- my first cards were from 1972.

    I have cards I would love to trade from 1971, 1974 and other years in the '70's. I can't find your want list on the site. If you email it to me, maybe we can find a mutually satisfying trade.

    You can reach me at Good luck with the blog!



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