Friday, February 13, 2009

#28 -- Twins Rookies (Gebhard, Brye & Haydel)

Bob Gebhard
Steve Brye
Hal Haydel

More rookies. Steve Brye was the star of this show. The same Steve Brye that allegedly let a shallow fly off George Brett’s bat fall in on the final day of 1976 so he would win the batting title instead of Hal McRae. There are those who have opined he did so for not very nice reasons that aren’t worth repeating here. No matter what, it was an interesting day. Brett went 3-4, finishing at .333. McRae went 2-4 and finished at .332 and Rod Carew was 2-4, finishing at .331. Brye went on to be a somewhat below-average, weak-hitting outfielder with the Twins throughout the 70's, finishing up with the Pirates in 1978. Steve was also on a Twins Rookies card in 1971. If what he's alleged to have done on the final day of 1976 is true, there's not much reason to write more about him.

Bob Gebhard: as a 44th round draft pick, he overcame the odds by making the big leagues and getting 1 win and 1 save, later becoming the first GM of the Rockies. He looked like a genius with Andres Gallaraga, Vinny Cash-stealer, Dante Bichette and Larry Walker. However, a team ERA of over 6.00 doomed him. He then was Walt Jocketty's chief assistant in St. Louis and is now working with the Diamondbacks as a special assistant to GM Josh Byrnes.

Hal Haydel: his last game was in 1971, but only allowed 2/19 inherited runners to score in 1971. Don't know why he didn't get more of a chance. I guess Jim Strickland was just too much. Hal is from Houma, Louisiana, landfall point for Hurricane Gustav in 2008 and ancestral home of my father-in-law.

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  1. I wouldn't put much credence in that story about Steve Brye. The rumors were based on accusations from Hal McRae leveled at Gene Mauch. McRae was a notorious nut, as evidenced by his tirade here: