Friday, February 13, 2009

Card Show coming up

Living in southwest Missouri there aren't a lot of card shows. When I was in law school at Duke, I could find something in driving distance at least once a month. I even drove to Charlotte once for a big show at the Convention Center (coming back in an ice storm in a '84 Camaro with rear wheel drive...dang glad to have made it).

We have a mall show this weekend. Because it's Valentine's weekend, I'll have to squeeze it in Friday afternoon. I don't think I can get my wife out shopping this weekend and I sure don't want to take my kids. It's not like the neat shows I'd go to in the '80's, but there are 2-3 guys that bring stuff I like. There's one guy that I know will get about $50 from me, just on old assorted cards from '58 - '69 that he puts out. I'll spend a couple of hours at his table talking about old ballplayers and looking at cards. I end up getting a lot of his autographed.

I'm really looking this time to knock out a lot of my want list on the 1971 and 1972 sets. If I can find anything for 1964, I'll see about it, but those cards are probably going to go beyond what I forecast my budget for this show will be.

Anyway, guys like Cesar Gutierrez, Rick Monday, Bobby Murcer and Willie Davis can get ready to say "Hi" to me a little later on. Unless I'm really bowled over, I just don't see me picking up any 2009 cards at all.

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  1. Sounds great. Only two months until my next card show. :P