Tuesday, March 10, 2009

#62 -- Angel Mangual

Angel Mangual

Angel has the big Topps Rookie Cup on his card. He also finished 3rd in the 1971 AL Rookie of the Year balloting behind Chris Chambliss and Bill Parsons. He played part time in center field for the A's that year and moved over to right and Reggie Jackson played center. He still played part time, but his production fell off.

In the 1972 World Series, the A's were behind the 8-ball a little bit because Reggie Jackson was out. They went into Game 4 up 2 games to 1, but they go into the bottom of the 9th trailing 2-1. Angel got the game-winning pinch-hit off Reds' supercloser Clay Carroll and the A's went up 3 games to 1. Good thing because the Reds won the next 2 games to force Game 7.

That was the highlight of his career. He won 3 World Series rings, but the A's released him in 1976 and that was the end of his big league career. His brother Pepe Mangual played with the Mets and Expos in the 70's.

Looks like his card is taken before a game at Oakland. It looks like the lefthander on the mound is wearing jeans or some kind of dark sweats. I see someone over at third base, so it looks like he might be one of the coaches throwing batting practice. The other thing I notice is that even though the A's didn't draw well despite winning 3 World Series, there's a good number of fans in the lower bowl for the pre-game. The upper deck is empty.

I didn't find much about Angel after his career, except for a mention that he was arrested in Puerto Rico on drug charges in 1997. Hate to see that happen, especially when he was so popular with the A's through the 70's.


  1. this was the last year for the big honkin' trophy for all star rookies. 1973 debuted the rookie cup we all are so aware of...

  2. I worked with his nephew for several years in Massachusetts.